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Mostar is located on the banks of the River Neretva and is the cultural and economic center of Herzegovina, and also the largest city in Herzegovina. The city is named after the bridge keepers (mostari) on the banks of the River Neretva. Belongs to one of the most beautiful cities in the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

An almost instictive image comes to mind when one thinks of Mostar and that is that of its splendid Old Bridge, it thereby follows that this stone masterpice is the monument that has come to symbolise this city.

In July 2005. the Old Bridge and the entire old city of Mostar became officially a part of the Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

To make ​​your stay more interesting and for better understanding cultural and historical heritage of Herzegovina, we've organized excursions for you which leads to the following destinations:

• Blagaj – Visit of Dervish order monastery – Tekija built in 1520. at the source of the Buna River surrounded with a amazing nature. Above is determined Stephen Town which is built in 15th century.

• Počitelj – Another monument of the Ottoman architecture, once strategic important fortified town.

• Međugorje – One of the most popular sanctuary in the world. That is the place of appearance of the Virgin Mary, which is visited by the millions of pilgrims who are looking for peace, consolation and strength.

• Waterfalls Kravice – Attractive place on a river Trebižat and such as natural phenomenon is under state protection.



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Motel Argentum Mostar Motel Argentum Mostar
Motel Argentum Mostar